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​​Now. You. Know. About. Me. :)


After writing for over 30 years (albeit in varying capacities), I have been blessed to have authored 4 books, written for 3 newspapers, penned my way to a Doctor of Law Degree (JD); done extensive legal writing and had over 200 articles published online requiring hundreds of interviews with international experts in an amazingly wide spectrum of specialty areas.

Adept at research-based writing; my works have won international writing contests, scholarly competitions and I even beat a former U.S. Senator out of a journalistic position. I love writing short stories for pleasure; some of them appear in compilation books. At present life finds me as an editor at various educational websites, as well as a Ph.D. candidate.

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September 18, 1962  

Vivian Maier

​​​​​​Love:  Italian everything

Passion :  Films

Treasure:  Music

Embrace:  Legacy of Vivian Maier

Captivating :  Nature

Enchanting:  The diversity of cultures in the world

Profound Appreciation:  Animals

Empowering:  Authentic nourishment from a garden or a tree. 

​Fascinating :  All languages.

Favorite Song Lyric: "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time." J.Taylor

Eternal:  Parents & children.

Beyond Words:  Scarlett Rose. My blessed granddaughter.